2011 Statutory Annual Report – Appendix 2

Boring statistical stuff:

Girls 42
Boys 58
Full-time equivalent 100
Indigenous students 3%
Language background other than English 7%

When students are away for any reason, parents are expected to contact the school by phone, e-mail or any other method that is reasonably efficient. In the case of unexplained absences, we contact the parents by phone or text.

Teachers 2011:
7 Full time teachers
6 Part time teachers
4 visiting music teachers

All teachers are VIT registered.

Other staff
Business Manager
Property Manager
Bus driver
Chef/kitchen manager

Class sizes ranged from 6 to 13.

(f) student outcomes in standardised national literacy and numeracy testing: we do our best to minimize the interference to education caused by the NAPLAN tests each year. Despite our largely ignoring them our students do well in them, although the small numbers of students we have sitting the tests make any generalization about the results largely meaningless. Detailed results are publicly available on the infamous “my schools” website, for anyone who finds that time is hanging heavily on their hands, and is sick of watching repeats of Judge Judy.

(g) parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school: we are in constant contact with parents, who are quick to report any concerns. However they regularly express, both verbally and in writing, satisfaction with the education their children are receiving. Students are eager to come to school, and constantly give feedback about their enjoyment of Candlebark. Staff, parents and students are keen advocates of the school in the wider community – we get applications daily from people who have been told about the school by those most closely associated with it.

(i) school income broken down by funding source