1. School hours are from 8.45 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

2. There is no school uniform but there is a clothing policy. We expect students to wear sensible outdoors clothing, of a type that can get dirty or torn. Students will be notified of trips off campus where more stylish clothing may be needed. Everyone should keep a change of clothes at school as a backup, so they can change when they get wet and muddy

T-shirts that carry advertisements or slogans, particularly references to nihilistic philosophies Hilton or grandmothers going to Bali and bringing back nothing but a lousy T-shirt, are not appropriate. Clothing featuring words that are anagrams of swear words or could be mistaken for swear words are not appropriate.

Good boots, and gaiters in summer, are desirable for working in the bush. Boots are the only item of clothing where some expenditure may be justified.

3. All camps, excursions and activities will be covered by the school fees, which are to be paid in advance each term. Students will not be permitted to re-enrol each term while fees are in arrears. Parents experiencing difficulties with cash flow should contact the school in plenty of time to discuss the problem.

4. Camps and excursions are for everyone, and are an essential part of the school program. Parents enrolling children in the school implicitly acknowledge this, and implicitly accept that they will support the camp and excursion program.

5. Mobile phones may not be used by students while on the school property. At this stage there is almost no mobile phone coverage anyway. Urgent messages to students can be sent via the school office or to the school directly on 5427 0209.

6. Food should not to be brought to school, as we provide morning tea and lunch and snacks in-between. Lollies, chewing gum and soft drinks are not to be brought to school at any time. We cater for allergies and special diets.