How to be successful at our school: tips to students

  • Don’t talk about yourself all the time.
  • Don’t isolate yourself  (and especially, don’t isolate yourself and then complain that people are unfriendly).
  • Don’t say anything bad about someone until you’ve run out of all the good things you can say about them.
  • Volunteer to help on camps and excursions, even when you’re exhausted. When everybody is  tired is when the real heroes come out!
  • Don’t think you have to be fantastic at stuff you’ve never done before. .
  • Give the teachers chocolate.
  • If you make a mess, we’ll help you clean it up, but ultimately it is your responsibility.
  • Do your homework.
  • Your teacher is not a jukebox. You don’t press a button and get the lesson you want. Trust the teacher to know what he or she is doing.
  • When you’ve done the wrong thing, try to put your hand up and be direct and open about it. When we, the teachers, do the wrong thing, we’ll try to do the same.
  • Finally, here’s the secret of good conversation:

When you’re talking to someone, give them information that they can work with.

Bad conversation:

Sam: What did you do at the weekend?
Alex: Not much.
Sam: Oh.

Good conversation:

Sam: What did you do at the weekend?
Alex: Not much. Went bowling.
Sam: Who with?
Alex: My cousins. I got three strikes in a row.
Sam: Is a strike where you knock down all ten at once?
Alex: Yeah, and a spare is nine with the first ball, and then the tenth with your next one.

Sam: Yeah, I went bowling last year.  And I played it on Wii once.…

Alex gives Sam a new piece of information each time. Now they have the basis of a conversation!