Are you sure we are the right school for you?

  • We encourage an active engagement with the world. That includes using public transport to explore Melbourne, playing in the school’s extensive gardens and 1100 acres of bush, riding bikes, climbing trees, going on many camps and trips.
  • We’ll be direct, honest, thorough and responsible in communicating information to students about sex and relationships, appropriate to the students’ age and developmental stages.
  • We encourage students to use toasters, stoves, blenders, microwaves, cutlery.
  • According to our assessment of students’ maturity and abilities, we may teach them to use axes, log splitters, saws and other tools.
  • Similarly, we may teach students how to light fires, and may expect them to start and maintain fires in fireplaces, and fuel stoves in classrooms.
  • We comfort students who are upset, we hug, we’re tactile. We may play rambunctious roughhousing games like British Bulldog or Capture the Flag.
  • During maintenance activities students may be up ladders, changing light globes, using hammers, vacuum cleaners and electrical tools.
  • We assess children who want to come here, but previous academic success or failure is not a factor in that assessment. Destructive and/or self-destructive behaviour is a factor. We’re very pleased to see evidence of creative interests, selflessness and empathy in students who apply for places.
  • We don’t provide written reports on students at the end of every term, semester or year. But we are always happy to supply such reports on request, or to meet with parents and children to discuss progress.
  • We are very happy for parents to be involved in the day-to-day life of the school, in all kinds of rich, exciting and rewarding ways. However we are not happy with parents who want to impose their own agendas on the school, and we don’t tolerate parents who attempt to bully the school, teachers, or other students.

Please recognise that we will not suit everybody. If you are not comfortable with the items on this list, we will not be the right school for you.

Of course as teachers it is up to us to raise students to a level where they can engage in the activities mentioned above in a safe and mature way. That is what a teacher does. That’s what the word teacher means. “Aim not where they are, but where they should be.”