Information about the curriculum for specific areas can be found in the menu above.

An outline of the school timetable

8:45AM Each day starts with a meeting of everybody involved in the school. It’s a time to say hello and a time when we’ll remind each other in different ways of the importance of the community to which we belong, and that “the whole is greater than the individual parts.”The person taking the meeting will run through the day’s programme, and give people the opportunity to talk about subjects that are on their minds. But as well, using fables, stories, biographies, dance, music, poems and current events, the person chairing the meeting, whether it be an adult or a student, will invite us to consider values and aspirations.
9:00-10.55AM We’ll move into classes, which may be in horizontal groupings or vertical groupings, depending upon the day and the subject. Broadly speaking, classes cover the humanities, maths and the sciences, art and music, sport and fitness, and drama. As well, students will frequently engage with the outside world, typically, by going off-campus, by talking with guests who come to the school, or by heading bush.
10.55-11.25AM Recess: depending on their age and mood and interests students might spend Recess playing in the creek or feeding the chooks or having a game of tennis or chopping firewood. They might have a snack and talk to their friends or play chasey or sit alone and read a book. They might engage in a game of chess. They might talk to a couple of adults about the mathematics of light years or last night’s episode of The Chasers. They might climb a tree or just lie back in the grass.
11.25-1.15PM Classes continue.
1.15-2.15PM Lunch: we ask students not to bring lunch to school. We provide a selection of fresh food, which more often than not will include soup or a hot meal. There are usually about 50 or 60 food choices each day. Most days students and adults eat informally, inside or outsideBlock.
2.15-3.10PM Classes continue.
3.10-3.30PM All students and teachers are involved in cleaning the buildings and surrounding areas, inside of buses, and maintenance work in the vegetable garden. On Wednesdays, we have super clean-up which starts at 3.00pm. This involves a more thorough cleaning of all the buildings (floors, windows, surrounds) and, (water regulations permitting) washing the buses.
~3:30PM School ends for the day. Most students head for the school buses, which transport them to Riddells Creek, Gisborne, Sunbury, Woodend, Macedon, Hesket, Newham, Lancefield, Romsey and Kerrie. There is no charge for this service.