October 20 2009

By chance the other day I came across this email from a parent who had enrolled her children here and wrote shortly afterwards to tell me of their first few days at Candlebark. It was a nice tribute to the school, and I share it now, having changed their names to preserve their privacy.

I have been over whelmed with the last week.
As you remember I explained how hard it was to send the kids to the other school. I had to physically force them to go, bribing them every day – there were huge amounts of crying. So leading up to Tuesday was a little emotional for me, as I thought I can’t go through that again. I had Leigh crying Monday night saying “I don’t think I want to go, I’m scared etc”.

Well, Tuesday morning at school when it was time for me to leave, Madison had a few tears and Leigh and Bobby were nervous, and for a mother that is so hard to see and leave, but I had a great feeling that all was well.
I was right. Tuesday night I heard everything. Madison remembered word for word what you said to her. It was fantastic. Bobby and Leigh had a little tiff, but that was just first day jitters.
But the amazing thing happened Wednesday morning. The kids got up first call, dressed and ate brekky, and brushed their teeth in 12 minutes. It was unbelievable — they were so excited to come. They slept on the way home, Graeme tells me.

This morning was even faster. I woke them at 7 15 and by 7 30 we were all in the car. Bobby even did maths homework last night with some help.

I don’t want to wake up from this dream. Graeme and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My children’s happiness means the world to me, and school takes up all their childhood. I believe it needs to be more than a place to put your children until they reach 18 — it needs to be a place like home:  safe, warm, loving, educational, fun, challenging, and inviting.
You need to be congratulated and keep up the good work,
Thank you